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It is a fact that every day, CPR and/or first aid is used on someone. People call 911, and they get instructed over the phone what to do. Without the confidence of knowing that you are doing it correctly, you might not be able to save a life.

First Care Emergency Training’s goal is to have our students leave our sessions with confidence that they will handle an emergency without question. Whether you are in health and safety, a little league coach, a new parent, or someone who wants to learn a life-saving skill, we have training to meet your needs.

Being prepared for your next emergency is important—first aid is more than just a Band-Aid. Contact us today to get started. We look forward to meeting your emergency training needs.

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Shelly C. Whitmore, Trainer

First Care Emergency Training

(908) 763-7101 (Mobile)


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Service Areas

Proudly Serving Northwest New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania (Approximately Within a 50-Mile Radius)

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