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What should be in a First Aid kit?

Spring will be here soon!   That means a lot of outdoor activities.  A well-stocked first aid kit is a handy thing to have. To be prepared for emergencies.  Knowing what to do with this first aid kit is another important thing to have!   First Care Emergency has a training each month scheduled for you!   Check out our training list and call today!   Emergencies happen when you least expect them - so be prepared!
You can purchase a premade first aid kit or you can create your own! 
Get a Container for Your First Aid Kit
Your first aid kit should be accessible and portable. You aren't going to pack the kitchen sink in it, but you want one that's big enough to carry the basics. A small tackle box makes a good first aid kit, or you can use something as simple as a resealable freezer bag. Consider the type of first aid kit you plan to build, and where you will keep it.
Where to Keep Your First Aid Kit
First Aid kits have a habit of ending up in the backyard, upstairs in the attic, out in the garage -- basically, anywhere except where you need them in an emergency. Keeping your home first aid kit in a central location helps to ensure that it will be accessible during large or small emergencies. It's a good idea to maintain two different first aid kits: one for the home, and another for the car. Having more than one first aid kit means they will be available at all times. Some practical places to store first aid kits include:
  • bathroom cabinet
  • kitchen cabinet
  • car (glove compartment is most accessible)
  • motorcycle
  • backpack
  • boat
  • workshop
  • garage
  • playground
  • classroom
  • church
The Most Important Item for a Car or Boat First Aid Kit
When organizing a car or boat first aid kit, there's only one item that's absolutely necessary. No matter what you pack for bandaging material, to use for splints, or even if you have a shield for doing mouth-to-mouth, your first aid kit must have a cell phone. There is no better tool in the event of an emergency. If you can't access emergency medical services, your car or boat first aid kit is not complete.
Cell phones must have enough battery power to turn the phone on, but you don't need a current contract with a service provider to call 9-1-1: federal law mandates that cell phones must be able to reach 9-1-1 anytime the number is dialed, regardless of the service agreement. So take your old cell phone that you don't use anymore and put it in your first aid kit for emergencies. If you don't have an old cell phone, you can find one via various programs that unite old, unused cell phones with people who need them for emergencies.
Medical Information for Your First Aid Kit
While not part of your first aid kit, anyone with a medical condition should have his/her medical information easily accessible at all times. There are several ways to organize medical information and make it available for rescuers.
For the rest of your first aid kit, you should consider the following:
  • acetaminophen and/or
  • ibuprofen
  • tweezers
  • alcohol wipes
  • antiseptic hand cleanser
  • medical adhesive tape
  • sterile gauze (four inch squares are best)
  • elastic bandages
  • several sizes of adhesive bandages
  • insect bite swabs
  • triple-antibiotic ointment
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • bandage scissors
  • triangular bandages
  • instant cold packs
  • disposable gloves
  • barrier device for CPR                                                             

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